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(2) Syntha-Bags w/4 BONUS ITEMS!

(2) Syntha-Bags w/4 BONUS ITEMS!

(2) Syntha-Bags w/ 4 BONUS ITEMS. Includes Syntha-Bag, Instructional DVD, Diet Plan, Hand Wraps and Tote Bag.

No drilling required! This unique bag incorporates a foam skin on its striking surface for a distinctive rebound that will put your reflexes to the test. It's an integral tool in the development of hand/eye coordination, footwork, speed, timing and distance. Develops offensive and defensive skills in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and mma.  The bag is made of material that gives a feel similar to a real opponent and includes a heavy-duty rope with two plastic clips. Adjustable lengths between 3 and 40 feet.  Can be set up virtually anywhere in under one minute! The latest "must-have".


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